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Dr. John Gray & Raymond Aaron


"Michelle is the leading authority on improving businesses, planning exit strategies, and selling businesses for maximum value. I highly recommend this book as a must read for anyone that owns a business."

– Dr. John Gray, New York Times Best Selling Author, Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus


“Michelle is the best choice when looking to sell your business. She has done it for many others, and she can do it for you! I am very impressed with Michelle’s business acumen and extensive experience. I highly recommend reading this book. The tips and strategies articulated create the blue print for a successful, profitable business that can be sold for top dollar!”

– Raymond Aaron, New York Times Best Selling Author


James Lafferty

"I have yet to meet an entrepreneur who has invested years, if not decades, in building their own business, who does not want to maximize the sale price as a well-


deserved payment for the sweat equity. Yet despite this desire, so many people not only fail to attain the kind of value they should, but they severely discount the value of their business. This is why Michelle Seiler Tucker's book is a must-read for any business owner who is even thinking about selling their business. Learn from one of the masters of selling businesses how to get the maximum price for your years of hard work. It's the shrewdest decision you will ever make."

 – James Lafferty, CEO The Procter and Gamble Company Philippines (Ret.), CEO The Coca Cola Bottling Company Nigeria

Steven Bradbury

“After reading this book I came to the only conclusion a sane person would make: stevenbradbury-2.jpgDon’t sell your business without hiring an expert or acquiring expert guidance! How to Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth is the road map to planning your exit strategy and, as the title implies, get more than it’s worth!”

– Steven Bradbury, Author and Gold Medal Olympian 

Bret Michaelsbooken3.jpg

“This book was a rocking good read! The first thing that struck me, when I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle and speaking with her at length, is that I knew right away that she is the expert in buying, selling, and improving businesses. Then I read her book and it validated everything!”

– Bret Michaels, Musician, Entrepreneur & Winner of Celebrity Apprentice



“I am very impressed with Michelle and her level of expertise. She is truly the leader in her industry. Her “How to Guide” is truly a remarkably fun read that absolutely 

shows you how to maximize your business potential.”  

– JT Foxx, Wealth Coach, Real Estate Entrepreneur & Radio Personality



Additional Endorsements

“Even if you are not planning on selling your business, you should read this book! It will increase your brand awareness, grow your business, add revenue streams, and increase profits.”

– Phil Grove Real Estate Entrepreneur & Investor


“One of the key elements in selling a business is evaluating and packaging the business correctly. Pricing and packaging a business to sell for maximum value is an art form and takes an enormous amount of experience and expertise. If the business is priced too high or not packed well, then no one will purchase it. However, if the business is priced too low, then the seller is leaving money on the table. Michelle is brilliant at pricing and packaging businesses for sale. She does an excellent job at fixing the existing business before she markets it in order to obtain the highest sales price possible. Sell your Business for More Than It's Worth is a masterpiece that shows you how to increase profits, plan your exit strategy, and sell your business for more than it's worth. I highly recommend utilizing Michelle's services and reading this insightful and groundbreaking book.”

– Charles Dombek, CPA, MBA


“This book is not just about selling your business; it’s about creating a business that works for you, instead of you working for it.”

– Mike Collier, World Renowned Success Coach



Donald Trump


Randi Zuckerberg

Former VP of Marketing at Facebook 

Steve Wozniak

Co-Founder of Apple

Rudy Giuliani

Former Mayor &
CEO of Giuliani Partners

Michael Eisner

Former CEO of Disney

Donna Karen-1.jpg

Donna Karan

American Fashion Designer